Embroidery is the technique of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread.

It is the best method to decorate certain garments such as hats, outerwear, employee uniforms, patches, and heavy fleece, as some fabrics and garment types don’t lend themselves to screen printing.

Embroidery is durable, versatile and offers a unique and professional finish. It is bespoke industry standard for dress-down corporate apparel as well as an upscale addition to t-shirt designs, sports team uniforms, hoodies, company shirts and retail lines that gives your logo a 3D ‘pop’.



One of the main benefits of using embroidery is the low setup costs and the low cost of materials.

This means that you can accurately represent your brand without having to spend a fortune to do so. The low cost of embroidery makes it ideal for start-up companies and large organisations with a large workforce.

The cost of embroidery is determined by the stitch count. Therefore it costs more to embroider a large, dense logo than it would be to embroider some script or text for breast position. 

Embroidery works best for solid colour designs with simple bold elements rather than complex logos with high detail and tones.

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