As part of our graphic design services we offer:

  • Artwork Redraws ( vector artwork conversion )

  • Artwork Separations

  • Logo Design & Branding

  • Business Cards / Catalogues / Flyers / Signs

Artwork Redraws & Separations

This service is recommended for low quality artwork as it reproduces your artwork in vector form to ensure the best result when screen printed. Vectored artwork can be resized without losing quality offering versatility for future use.

High-end artwork separations are our specialty. Ask us about 4 colour process and simulated process for multiple colour photographic designs.


Logo Design & Branding

We have an in-house graphic design team who can provide branding services for your business or event. Your logo is the symbol for your brand so it’s important it is consistent with your message and tone, as well as stands out from your competitors.

Layouts & Artwork Placement

Not sure about where the most effective place for your logo will be on your chosen garment? Not a problem at all. Our Graphics Department can consult and advise on the best and most effective placement of your artwork on your garment if you require it, and for every job will provide you with a placement document which will detail exactly where we will place your artwork, to ensure you know exactly what’s going on and that there are no surprises. 

We work with tens of vendors to get quality brand garments, all in a short period of time so we can turn your order around lightning fast. CLICK IMAGE BELOW for full catalogue of brands and garments we offer.