Gives excellent quality, long-lasting results and is the most cost effective way to print custom designs for large volume orders.

Screen printing is a process that involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto fabric. A separate screen is needed for each colour in your design therefor the fewer colours, the less it costs to print. It’s better suited to artwork with spot colours as opposed to photographs or full colour prints with gradients.

We are capable of printing any design from simple athletic prints to highly detailed full color images and everything in between. We can screen print your design in up to six colors on both light and dark colored garments from t-shirts to bags to hats. For coloured garments a base layer is required to ensure the print is bright and vibrant. It is very popular method for producing personalised garments. 



Whether you want small run of a dozen garments, or thousands for your event, your business, school team or organization, you can count on us to deliver quality screen printed products.

Depends on complexity of your design and amount of colours we can print it as

SPOT COLOUR - individual solid colours

SIMULATED PROCESS - a blending of solid colours using halftones

4 COLOUR PROCESS - a blending of 4 colours (CMYK) using overlapping halftones

If you have full colour artwork and only need a few garments (less than 4 dozen),  DTG PRINTING is sometimes a more cost effective solution.

We work with tens of vendors to get quality brand garments, all in a short period of time so we can turn your order around lightning fast. CLICK IMAGE BELOW for full catalogue of brands and garments we offer.